Welcome to The Good Vine

Welcome to The Good Vine!  What I’m hoping to do here is have a centralized place to collect my thoughts and then make them available to anyone who is interested. I have been maintaining blogs at MySpace and Facebook, both of which are great sites, but it seems a bit cumbersome to maintain two separate blogs. Since I waste enough time as is, I felt it a step in the wrong direction to cross-post content to two blogs. And since MySpace and Facebook are closed networks, it would be nice for my thoughts to be open to friends and family not on those sites. That being said, I still intend to cross-post, but now I’ll be using Flux to do it, which means that I only need to input t content here. Much quicker!

My thoughts tend to revolve around the topics of religion, wine, coffee, and aviation, topics that I am particularly passionate about. I am an active, practicing Christian, a coffee and wine nerd, and also hold a commercial pilot certificate.

I hope you find my thoughts inspiring and thought-provoking… and if nothing else, at least pretend to be amused. I’ll try not to flood this blog with useless blabber, rather with thoughtful insight and ideas. Feel free to comment, flame, agree with or challenge me. I hope you enjoy.

-John Olsen, Lexington KY

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