Snow Day!

You know, it’s not often that the FedEx guy gets a snow day.   So when I got the call this morning that we were being shut down for the day, well… I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure what to do with myself.  After all, it’s Fedex.   It absolutely, positively has to be there overnight… whether rain, or sun, or snow… just not ice storms.   So one really doesn’t plan for a day off during the week.  (The photos are scenes from around the neighborhood today – look how the weight of the ice bows the trees!!)The view from my porch

Right now at my house, I’m staring at about three inches of snow, with a nice layer of ice underneath it.  And loving every minute of it… because there’s something I must confess.  The storm is my fault. Yep – all mine.  I’ve actually been praying for Around the neighborhoodsnow for several weeks now, and I’m so excited that it’s finally here!  You see, in a few days I’ll be departing for Alaska, and even though I grew up in Wisconsin,  my winter driving skills are a bit rusty.  I’ll only be in Anchorage for a couple of days and the city should be fine,  yet a part of my plan includes a drive down the Seward Highway to Whittier.  (I’m told the drive is beautiful, but the Alaskans have a saying… “there’s nothing s***ttier than Whittier.”  What’s up with Whittier?)

While the highway should be passable, I’m told that Alaskans use the word Around the neighborhood“passable” rather loosely; the last thing I want is to be driving a rental car around Alaska in the dead of winter with zero recent driving experience.  Plus, the Seward closes a few times a year due to avalanches.   Sometimes when they re-open the road, there’s still plenty of snow left over.  So a part of today’s festivities included taking my little Civic out to find Lexington’s least plowed roads.  After about an hour of using the car as a glorified snowmobile, I once again feel confident in my winter driving skills.  I only got stuck once, and was able to rock my way out pretty quickly… dad taught me well.  I must admit though, I cheated a bit.  Jonda and I got a bit of a head start yesterday… we might have “accidentally” taken the FedEx truck through some snow banks.  Accidentally…

I plan to spend most of my time in Anchorage looking at airplanes, of course.  Really – what else would you do in the most aviation-friendly (not From the porchto mention dependent) part of the country??  ANC supposedly has a nice aviation museum, and, weather permitting, there’s a walking trail around the (now frozen) seaplane base on Lake Hood.  If anyone else has any great suggestions, let me know.  Moose Tooth’s is already on the list, as well as the drive to Whittier.  My return flight leaves at 1:30am, but the hotel kicks me out at noon – so I’ll be homeless for twelve hours.  Hopefully I can come up with something more original than a book at Starbucks to kill the extra time.

I just finished up a book called Looking for Alaska by Peter Jenkins.  It’s Jenkins’ story of spending a year traveling around Alaska.  I highly recommend it – especially if you’re trying to get psyched up about a trip to Alaska!  It also makes one appreciate the mild Kenucky winters (Jenkins live in Tennesee).  However, should I ever happen to move back north, I’ve decided I will aquiring a snomobile.

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