Wines for “weird” food

I’ve never been very adventurous when it comes to vegetables.  So when my wife and I joined a CSA program this year through Elmwood Stock Farm we discovered the need to be creative.Asparagus

If you’re unfamiliar with the CSA concept,  CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture (aka “Farm Shares”.)  Before the growing season begins you purchase a “share” in a community-supported farm.  Once the season gets going, you receive a weekly box of fresh (and mostly organic!) produce.  The only catch is that you don’t get to choose what’s in your box – it’s whatever the farm happens to harvest.

So far we’re big fans!  But early summer produce is heavily composed of “weird stuff” – lettuces, asparagus, radishes, kale, etc.  Healthy to be sure, but these foods clash with many wines and the result is that everything tastes metallic.

The secret is high-acid, low sugar wines.

So, fellow CSA-ers, here are a few wine suggestions for your early season veggies:

Sauvignon Blanc is the classic “wierd” veggie wine.  Of particular value right now are the wines from Chile and New Zealand, and their grassy notes compliment the green vegetable flavors.  California Sauv Blancs are a little fruitier, and won’t pair quite as well.

Vinho Verde.  Portugal’s famous dry, crisp, spritzy, (and cheap!) summer sipper.  Think of it as a Sauvignon Blanc with bubbles.  And it’s only $5 at Trader Joe’s.  In fact, just about any dry (brut) bubbly will work quite well.

Dry Riesling is another pretty safe bet.  Again, dry is the key here – so look for German “Kabinette” Rieslings, French Rieslings from Alsace, or American Rieslings labeled as dry.

Most Lexington wine retailers have a great selection of these wines.  Trader Joe’s is where you’ll find the Vinho Verde, although I spotted one at Corner Wine the other day that looked intriguing as well.

I’d  love your feedback on these.  What are your favorite weird food wines?

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