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Welcome to Dirt Cheap Wine Country!

Today I’m re-launching the blog as Dirt Cheap Wine Country and I hope that you’ll find it a refreshing departure from the usual wine blogs.  Why the change?

In 2012, wine blogger Tom Wark issued a challenge on his massively popular Fermentation blog – The Top 10 Wine Stories Needing to be Written. One in particular caught my eye:

Dirt Cheap Wine Country It’s a counter intuitive wine country travel story—and probably difficult to write.  But it could provide a fantastic counterpoint to the luxury-oriented wine stories that proliferate. Is there a way to “DO” wine country dirt cheap? From cheap hotels and cheap food to no-cost tasting room?

Indeed, why isn’t anyone telling that story?! There are many who want to live the “wine lifestyle,” and for whom travel to wine country should be the ultimate luxury experience.  It often seems like every wine writer on the planet caters to these aspirational travelers.

There are countless others however, who travel to wine country for one reason and one reason alone: the wine and the connection to the people and places that make it.

They may or may not be budget-conscious, but they come to spend their money on wine, not lifestyle.  They appreciate the quality of a few nights at the Renaissance, but are just as happy at a Best Western.  They would like a nice meal or two, but in a pinch a taco stand will do just fine.  They hope to bring home a few trophy bottles, but will fill the rest of their cases with bargains, or at least reasonably priced daily drinkers.

You see, my friends, as a regular wine country traveler for the past ten years, this is exactly how I travel.  And as my high school english teacher taught me, for every one person with an opinion who chooses to share it, there are countless remaining, silent glad someone spoke up.  I know that’s true because I meet you on every trip: whether you rode into Napa in an RV, were slumming it with us at the Holiday Inn Express, or gnoshing on biscuits and gravy at the Paso Robles diner.  And we compare notes in the tasting rooms of some of the best wineries on the planet.

Until now my fellow budget traveler, aside from a few coupon sites, there’s really nobody talking to us.  And that’s what Dirt Cheap Wine Country is all about.  This is not a coupon site, or a wine review blog – there are plenty of those.  This is how to “do” wine country dirt cheap!  A wine country resource and community for the rest of us.

So welcome to Dirt Cheap Wine Country!  I value your input and comments. Until we meet again in the tasting room – cheers!

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Welcome to The Good Vine

Welcome to The Good Vine!  What I’m hoping to do here is have a centralized place to collect my thoughts and then make them available to anyone who is interested. I have been maintaining blogs at MySpace and Facebook, both of which are great sites, but it seems a bit cumbersome to maintain two separate blogs. Since I waste enough time as is, I felt it a step in the wrong direction to cross-post content to two blogs. And since MySpace and Facebook are closed networks, it would be nice for my thoughts to be open to friends and family not on those sites. That being said, I still intend to cross-post, but now I’ll be using Flux to do it, which means that I only need to input t content here. Much quicker!

My thoughts tend to revolve around the topics of religion, wine, coffee, and aviation, topics that I am particularly passionate about. I am an active, practicing Christian, a coffee and wine nerd, and also hold a commercial pilot certificate.

I hope you find my thoughts inspiring and thought-provoking… and if nothing else, at least pretend to be amused. I’ll try not to flood this blog with useless blabber, rather with thoughtful insight and ideas. Feel free to comment, flame, agree with or challenge me. I hope you enjoy.

-John Olsen, Lexington KY

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