Our Guide to Free Tasting Rooms

*NEW for 2019* – In order to make this list a little more comprehensive, I’ve decided to add links to some of the better tasting coupons and passports for each region.  I don’t earn any commissions for these links, so I’m free to weed out the sketchy ones and share only the deals I think are worthwhile.  Enjoy!

I only include wineries whose tasting policies I have personally verified.
There may be others out there!

UPDATED: April 14, 2019


Napa Valley

Buehler Vineyards (www.buehlervineyards.com) – Appointment required
Sutter Home (www.sutterhome.com)
Vincent Arroyo Winery (www.vincentarroyo.com)

*Napa Valley Tasting Passport – At  $99 for the year this is a pretty solid value.  Includes tastings at a well-thought-out list of 35 wineries.  Perfect for a first-time Napa visitor

Sonoma County

A. Rafanelli Winery (www.arafanelliwinery.com) – Appointment required
Adastra Wines (www.adastrawines.com)
Alexander Valley Vineyards (www.avvwine.com)
BobDog Vineyards (www.bobdogwine.com)
Francis Ford Coppola (www.franciscoppolawinery.com) – 2 wines
Fritz Underground Winery (www.fritzwinery.com) – Free with coupon
Highway 12 Winery (www.highway12winery.com)
Korbel Champaign Cellars (www.korbel.com)
Locals Tasting Room (www.tastelocalwines.com)
Merry Edwards Winery (www.merryedwards.com) – Appointment recommended
Sonoma Valley Port Works (www.portworks.com)
Sunce Winery (www.suncewinery.com)
Williamson Wines (www.williamsonwines.com)

*2-for-1 Tastings for VISA Signature/Infinite Card Holders – This is hands-down the best deal going in Sonoma and I’ve used it many times.  Be sure to mention you’re a Signature holder before they start pouring wine as a few wineries stray a bit from the published offer.

Paso Robles/San Luis Obispo

Caparone Winery (www.caparone.com)
Cinquain Cellars (www.cinquaincellars.com) – Appointment required
Ecluse (www.eclusewines.com)
Eberle Winery (www.eberlewinery.com)
Glunz Family Winery (www.glunzfamilywinery.com) – Free with coupon
Tobin James Cellars (www.tobinjames.com)

*PasoWineries.net Wine Tasting Coupons – I’m a big fan of several of the wineries on this list.  Perfect for the first-time visitor to Paso.


A full list of Lodi’s always reasonable tasting fees is available from the Lodi Wine Commission

Omega Cellars (www.omegavineyardsandwinery.com)
Peirano Esates (www.peirano.com)
Stonum Vineyards (www.stonumvineyards.com)

San Diego

*San Diego Urban Wine Passport – Complimentary tastings at a growing list of urban wineries.  This is a really fun way to explore some of the different areas of San Diego.


Willamette Valley

Aurora Colony Vineyards (www.auroracolonyvineyards.com)
Saginaw Vineyards (www.saginawvineyard.com)
Silvan Ridge Winery (www.silvanridge.com) – 2 wines

*Oregon Wine Pass – At $60 $30 for the year (through TravelZoo), this is a steal since each passport is good for -2- people.  This one’s for the adventurer; even though there are 80-ish participating wineries, most are smaller labels that you may or may not be familiar with.


(List in progress)

Chateau St. Michelle (www.ste-michelle.com)
Columbia Crest (www.columbiacrest.com)
Lake Chelan Winery (www.lakechelanwinery.com)
Treveri Cellars (www.trevericellars.com)

*Washington Wine Pass – At $60 $30 for the year (through TravelZoo), this is a steal since each passport is good for -2- people.  About 60 participating wineries – mostly smaller labels, but I’m a big fan of a few wineries on the list.

N E W   Y O R K

Finger Lakes

BashaKill Vineyards (www.bashakillvineyards.com)
Caywood Vineyards (www.caywoodvineyards.com)
Chateau Renaissance Cellars (www.chateaurenaissancewinecellars.com)
Deer Run Winery (www.deerrunwinery.com)
El Paso Winery (www.elpasowinery.com)
Kedem Winery (www.kedemwinery.com)
Pleasant Valley Wine Company (www.pleasantvalleywine.com)
Seneca Shores Cellars (www.senecawine.com)
Thousand Islands Winery (www.thousandislandswinery.com)


Many other regions are currently in the works and will be included in future updates.

  1. #1 by Ron Lavette on September 11, 2014 - 4:21 pm

    Loxton isn’t free anymore. they said they now charge $5 per person, no sharing. refundable with purchase.

    • #2 by John on September 12, 2014 - 9:42 am

      Thanks for the update! It’s especially unfortunate that they’ve chosen not to allow sharing.

  2. #3 by Deb Merghart on July 3, 2016 - 12:21 am

    we recently went to Paso Robles and visited 3 wineries…none of them free. Although in your Dec 2014 list you show Castoro as being free, they, in fact do charge $5 for a flight of 7. Also, in the research I am currently doing on line, I see that, contrary to your posting, J Lohr and LeVigne both list a fee on their web sites at $5 and $10 respectively.

    • #4 by John on July 3, 2016 - 10:16 pm

      Hi Deb – thanks for the feedback! Bummer you got charged at Castoro – they have historically offered 3 for free, but it was not well known. J Lohr is still free for their standard tasting at both the Paso and San Jose locations – verified today. Too bad about LeVigne, I’ll update that one.

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